Newborn / Infant Photography

The Bun


There is nothing more precious than new life. Jennifer and I cherish the few images of our boys that have survived the years. As our sons have grown up we’ve often reminisced about those first years, but time has a way of fading those memories. Newborns grow fast and time flies by so quickly, but the memories don’t have to. Quality baby pictures are an investment you’ll never regret. We’ve provided some tips below to help your newborn’s portrait session go smoothly. Please connect with us if you have additional questions or to book your session. 

Newborns (birth to 14 days)
Session: 2 hours +/-
Birth to 2 weeks is best for sleepy images. We are flexible if more time is needed for feedings, etc. but have found that if timed correctly we can easily photograph your newborn in that span. In our experience, most clients prefer the intimacy of in-home sessions, as they provide simpler control of climate, sound, clothing changes and pauses for feeding, etc.

Session: 2 hours +/-
Timing is critical. Photographing infants after feedings/naps typically provide a window of about 90minutes to 2hrs. Since infants are active and stir more easily when repeatedly moved and repositioned, we suggest developing a specific shot list in order to maximize shooting time and minimize fussiness.