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Studio 35 is a creative company based in Salisbury, North Carolina, that specializes in photography and design. Our hybrid business model borrows the best from freelance and in-house strategies to deliver creative that is on time, on point and on budget.

With 15 years in the design industry we've literally worked on tens of thousands of projects of varying complexity. Sadly, much of that portfolio is protected by non-disclosure agreements. So what you'll see here are some of the various side projects and pro bono designs that best illustrate our style and abilities.



We've learned from our mistakes!

15 years of real-world design means we've seen a lot and understand the intricacies of bringing your creative to market. Our knowledge ensures that you'll enjoy a smooth process from concept through delivery.


Cookie-cutters belong in the kitchen!
As artists, we love the creative process and approach every project as an opportunity to exceed expectations; which is why all of our designs are custom built specifically for your objective.


Halftone dots and pixel chops!
Today's marketing initiatives require creative that engages consumers across print and digital channels. No matter the medium, our broad technical expertise ensures that your art adheres to best practices.


Small footprint, right direction!
You won't find us in a storefront location and that's by design. Simply put, Lower Overhead = Lower Rates. During most projects, 95% of correspondence happens via phone or email. Where in-person meetings are necessary, we come to you!

About our process.

Agility is a cornerstone of our business model, which means we're flexible and responsive; and we've developed a process to ensure that your experience and creative are consistently excellent.

Direct Communication

Ever played the circle game where one person whispers in someone's ear and that person repeats what they've heard on down the line? Doesn't take too long before "My mother likes cherry pie" becomes "My brother's a hairy guy".

Whether in-person, on the phone or via email; it's important that you're speaking directly with your designer because it fosters collaboration and prevents breakdowns in communication which potentially cost time and money.

Briefs and Contracts

The phrase "Good fences, make good neighbors" comes from an old Robert Frost poem that speaks of well-established relationship and ritual between two entities; and that's at the heart of our briefs and contracts.

We hate legalese, but in the spirit of good fences, we employ creative briefs and service contracts. These guidelines establish expectations that protect both parties and ensure a mutually beneficial, long-term business relationship.

project Deliverables

We offer turnkey and DIY design solutions depending on your needs and comfort level. For clients that prefer to source their own print and digital work we provide finished, flattened and properly formatted design files for your end use.

For clients that prefer a full-service experience, we happily broker printing and digital services such as website setup/maintenance and social media ad placements for a nominal fee or service contract in accordance with end use.