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World Hope Worship Center needed a cohesive brand refresh that embodied their core mission of bringing hope to the world through Jesus Christ. We began by conceiving a clean style which consisted of sans-serif typefaces, bold color and generous white space to convey a sense of hope that would attract individuals and families seeking a vibrant, outward-facing Christian ministry in Rowan County. Over the course of several years we developed holistic creative including logos, signage, collaterals, promotional designs and a website.



We first developed a core mark, from which a number of logo variations were developed for essential ministries, programs and outreaches.
World Hope Logos


With the core mark designed, we developed artwork for road signage and secured printing through a local source. Additional building signage was developed for World Hope's Youth ministry (WHY).
Road Signage
8' x 4' road signage
Building Signage
8' x 3' building signage


Letterhead, bi-monthly calendars, booklets and directories were a few of the supporting collaterals created to inform, enhance and reinforce brand recognition for visitors and members.
3.5" x 2" double-sided outreach card
5.25" x 10.5" assorted double-sided calendars
5.5" x 8.5" assorted vision and directory booklet covers


Over the course of several years we conceptualized and created promotional art in the form of flyers, posters, bulletin inserts and tshirt designs for World Hope Youth ministry initiatives. These were developed as a means to increase excitement and generate involvement in events, programs and outreaches.
Christmas Poster and Bulletin
Christmas play poster and playbill
Christmas Poster and Bulletin
Assorted bulletin inserts for special youth ministry series'
Christmas Poster and Bulletin
Assorted bulletin inserts for special youth events
Christmas Poster and Bulletin
Poster, t-shirt design, name badges and registration forms for Back-to-School Block Party


Websites are often the first point of contact for prospective visitors so impact and usability were priority. The site also needed to function as a convenient resource for existing membership. To achieve this, a 17-page branded Wordpress site was set-up and developed using custom artwork and hand-coded stylesheets.
Slider art for home page
Various custom slider art for home page
Navigation and image links
Navigation and image links