Hero & Banner Art


Hero art usually appears in a slider on the home page of a website. As a first touchpoint, this is an opportunity to capture your client's attention and share current events, promotions and business identity. Banner art is also intended to capture the attention of potential clients; but versioning (creating multiple versions) is typical because format and dimensions differ across digital channels such as blogs, GoogleAds, etc.

Westside Church

We created a number of custom designs for the hero slider on Westside Church's home page to illustrate sermon series, promote church events and share their culture.

Many of these designs were also reformatted for use on supporting materials such as banners and bulletins.

Dimensions: 960px / 300px


World Hope Worship Center

Hero art is one of our specialties, so when World Hope needed several designs to populate the hero slider for their initial website launch, we jumped at the opportunity.

Dimensions: 1080px / 500px


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