Social Media Ads


Ever noticed products that appear in your feed related to a purchase you just made, or a service you Googled 5 minutes prior? Surprise! You just became part of a target market and social media is the marketplace. Commercials and billboards are 'so yesterday!' Today's businesses are abandoning traditional marketing tactics in favor of targeted, budget-friendly, digital advertising. As more businesses vie for space in social media feeds, thoughtful strategy and smart creative are essential. Whether you're running a one-time ad to raise awareness on Instagram, or developing an ongoing campaign across multiple channels, we understand the process and deliver feed-stopping designs. Contact us today to discuss your next project or initiative!


The shiny new logo we designed for DogPro was 'begging' for an advertisement to launch their new business. So we created a simple, branded ad design in a 4x5 format to maximize mobile screen real estate on Instagram and Facebook platforms.


West Rowan Falcons Football

We photographed West Rowan's football helmet and designed this promotional ad for their season opener around the team theme "Bring it Back". Compositional elements such as smoke, stadium lights and supporting copy were added in school colors for a cohesive message.


Catawba College Cheerleading

We developed this social media ad for the Catawba College Cheerleading program to promote their yearly tryouts. We captured the pyramid during a game and re-purposed several portraits of team members that we had created earlier in the season for Catawba's media guide. The design was conceived and formatted in portrait orientation for maximum visibility in both Instagram and Facebook feeds.


Backcountry & Beyond

We developed and designed a series of ads for a short term Valentine's promotion on Facebook and Instagram. Conceived specifically for carousel delivery, we focused on creating a strong hero image to promote engagement. Subsequent panels were produced to emphasize brand recognition and increase click-through rates.




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